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Industrial Equipment

       With the rapid development of modern industrial technology and industrial revolution, semiconductor lasers have stepped into the intelligent industry stage. Semiconductor lasers have gradually stepped into the advanced intelligent industrial production process from a remote high-tech product. Semiconductor lasers are widely used in the field of intelligent industry. In the field of laser marking, they can provide precise positioning lines for high-power laser cutting machines, laser lithography machines, laser welding machines, etc. In the field of three-dimensional model reconstruction, they can provide high-precision collimation light source for three-dimensional...【More】

Surveying Instrument

       Laser mapping instrument is a newly developed auxiliary tool for building and decoration in recent years. Because of its strong collimation of semiconductor laser light source, it can project relative vertical and horizontal laser beam and relatively parallel point laser beam, it is widely used in surveying and mapping instruments and tools in the field of building and decoration. Its representative instruments are laser projector and laser Scavenger, laser level ruler, laser ground wire, laser theodolite, laser total station, laser level, etc. Because of the application of semiconductor laser, the construction level and efficiency of building surveying and mapping...【More】

Smart Home

        With the continuous improvement of peoples quality of life, the field of smart home equipment has developed rapidly. Semiconductor lasers have also played a decisive role in the field of smart home because of their own superior characteristics. They provide high-precision obstacle detection and positioning, three-dimensional space scanning for intelligent devices such as intelligent integrated service robots, intelligent sweeping robots and intelligent window cleaning robots. Description service, and also enable a variety of intelligent devices to achieve the automatic search function of the charging base, and because of the high stability and reliability of the s...【More】

Medical Cosmetology

       The development and large-scale application of laser technology and atomic energy, semiconductor and computer are called the four most important scientific achievements in modern times. Semiconductor lasers have been widely used in the field of laser biomedicine. The semiconductor laser modules designed and manufactured by Huake have been applied to laser hairdressing and hair removal equipment, laser non-contact body temperature detector and laser rhinitis assistant therapy instrument. Laser breast cancer adjuvant therapy equipment and other medical and cosmetic equipment....【More】

Education & Office

       In recent years, the field of educational office tends to be more intelligent, automated and interactive. Semiconductor lasers designed and manufactured by Huake Company have been quietly developed in the field of educational office. At present, Huakes laser products have been applied to infrared laser screen handwritten input equipment, which can greatly improve the teaching efficiency of teachers and discard chalk. Through direct finger writing on the projector curtain, finger writing will interfere with the laser path of the infrared laser curtain. At the same time, the infrared receiver in the integrated device detects the change information of the infrared las...【More】

Outdoor Equipment

       Semiconductor laser has been exploring its application field. Because of its unique characteristics, it has also developed rapidly in the field of outdoor equipment in recent years. In the field of outdoor equipment, Huake Company has designed and produced outdoor green laser flashlight. This laser flashlight has a wide range of application scenarios, which can send visual location information to peers quickly in the sea, mountains and deserts, as well as in need of rescue. Quickly send rescue position signals to rescue workers, because the green laser is very striking in the night sky, so the laser signal can be projected several kilometers away; Huake company als...【More】

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