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Medical Cosmetology
Laser thermometer
Infrared thermometer is mainly divided into contact infrared thermometer and non-contact infrared thermometer.

1. Contact infrared thermometer. Commonly used are ear thermometer, frontal thermometer, and multi-functional thermometer, which can measure the accurate body temperature from the ear in only one second. When used, gently straighten the ear canal, insert the thermometer into the ear canal, press the thermometer on the upper end for one second, and then read out the accurate body temperature of at least one decimal point from the LCD screen, which is safe and secure. When used, changing the protective rubber sheath can avoid bacterial infection, even if the whole family is sharing it safely.
2. Non-contact infrared thermometer. The most common one is the frontal thermometer, which can realize the measurement of human body temperature far away. Only by pointing the probe to the forehead and pressing the measuring button, the measuring data can be obtained in a few seconds, which is very suitable for the use of patients with acute and serious diseases, the elderly, infants and so on. But in the early stage of use, users may get several different measurement data because they are not familiar with this operation mode. Generally speaking, the measured maximum is the required data. Users will be satisfied with the thermometer when they are familiar with it.
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