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Medical Cosmetology
Laser Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument
Laser Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument irradiates the nasal cavity with 650 nm weak laser light to achieve bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, repairing nasal mucosa and treating various types of rhinitis.
The 650-nm laser particles used in the laser rhinitis therapeutic instrument release 100,000 times of light per second to expel nasal bacteria, which can completely break the cell wall of nasal cavity, enhance the detoxification function of human respiratory tract, repair nasal membranes, stabilize nasal tissues, repair nasal mucosa, prevent the combination of respiratory mycoplasma, chlamydia and antibodies, promote local blood circulation, increase nutrition of nasal mucosa and improve enzymes activity. enhance the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ability of nasal tissue and restore the function of cells so as to achieve the goal of treatment.
HUANIC has more than ten years of professional experience in designing and manufacturing laser modules for rhinitis laser therapeutic instrument. It has long provided laser module products and technical support for well-known brands at home and abroad.

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