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Enterprise Trip of Shaanxi Optical Society -- Seminar on "Dual Chain Integration" Was Successfully Held
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In order to further enhance the industry-university-research cooperation in the field of optics in our province, promote the deep integration of industrial chain and innovation chain, and enhance the contribution. "Enterprise trip of Shaanxi Optical Society"----Seminar on "Dual Chain Integration" was successfully held in the conference room on the third floor of Building C of Huanic Corporation on the morning of June 26, 2021. More than 30 representatives from the research institutes, universities and enterprises, including Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, AVIC Xi’an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xidian University, Northwest University, Zhongke Chuangxing, Zhongchuan Optoelectronics and so on, had a full exchange and discussion. The meeting was presided over by She Jiangbo, Secretary General of the Council. 

Mr. Yishan Wang, vice president, delivered the opening speech
First, Mr. Yishan Wang, Vice President of Shaanxi Optical Society, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the Shaanxi Optical Society, pointing out that enterprises will be the subject of innovation in the future, and it will become the main form of innovation driven development for enterprises set problems, universities and research institutes solve problems. The deep integration of industrial chain and innovation chain is the trend of innovation development and the inevitable requirement for the formation of high value chain. We hope that on the platform of Shaanxi Optical Society, we can promote mutual understanding among member units, strengthen information exchange, and lay a good foundation for dual-chain integration. Through cooperation and exchanges to achieve the goal of "complement the chain, strengthen the chain, extend the chain", and ultimately improve the ability of industrial technological innovation and core competitiveness.
Sun Wenhui, general manager of Huanic Corporation, delivered a welcome speech to all the experts and representatives attending the meeting, and introduced the development and industry prospect of the company. Yuan Lei, vice general manager, made a detailed report on the basic situation of Huanic Corporation. Subsequently, the senior management of the company accompanied the all members of the Optical Society and the representatives to visit the company. During the visit, the representatives were mainly introduced as follows:
1、Huanic Industrial Chain -- An industrial chain that only provides specialized product design, material processing, assembly and testing for Huanic products. For example, from product research and development to mold design, manufacturing, injection molding, machining, surface treatment, optical cold processing, electronic circuit supporting, final assembly of finished products, Packaging and palletizing, etc. It provides rapid and effective resource integration for independent development of core technologies of enterprises, and seizes market opportunities for product innovation strategy.
2、Lean Management System -- Localized "Danaher Management System" and proposed a lean and standardized production management system suitable for the development of Huanic. The lean production layout of machining and assembly dust-free workshop not only creates a lean, dynamic, material linked and intelligent high-efficiency production system, which can increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve the quality steadily, but also meet the strategic route of the enterprise's "small, fast and flexible " development, and also highly integrate the management concept of "quality, delivery, cost and innovation" of the company
Members of the board of directors have fully affirmed and praised the enterprise innovation spirit of Huanic Corporation, which is "grasping scale development, expanding and strengthen the industry, strengthen the quality, and make the entity more detailed”.

During the meeting, Mr. Xiangzhong Zeng, General Manager of Xi'an Zhongchuan Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Renmin Yang, chairman of Xi'an Shixian Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Bo Yuan, General Manager of Zhongke Chuangxing, Mr. Yiming Wu, General Manager of Zhongke optoelectronic Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.,  Mr. Jianan Li, CTO of Xi'an Zhongke Low-Light Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. and other representatives of participating companies shared and exchanged the technical characteristics of their respective companies. At the same time, they released the list of technologies that their enterprises need to solve urgently. It is expected that the participating professors and researchers will be able to take the lead and jointly promote the improvement of enterprise innovation ability and the core competitiveness of products.

During the exchanges and discussions on "dual-chain integration", the participants had in-depth exchanges on many aspects, including problems and difficulties in independent innovation; How to deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain; How to promote the core competitiveness of the industrial chain; How to promote the transformation of achievements and the cultivation of enterprises; How to highlight technological empowerment; How to use the of " dual-chain integration " to promote the formation of a modern and high-end industrial chain and a high-level industrial base and strive to build an industry bearing space with rich product formats, complete industrial chain and covering the whole life cycle of enterprises;How to release the momentum of innovation and build a new development model driven by the " dual-chain integration ",and develop a new future. 
Finally, Mr. Kaige Wang, vice president, introduced the sponsorship of the 13th Western Photonics Conference. Mr. Chunmin Zhang and Mr. Jingxian Wang, vice presidents, made concluding remarks on the seminar. They affirmed the success of the event and recognized the innovative capabilities and strategic layout of enterprises such as Huanic Corporation. They expected that the scientific researchers and entrepreneurs of the Institute will strengthen the thinking and innovation of double chain integration methods, strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and combine research with production, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, Jointly promote the ability of science and technology to serve the local economy and provide new impetus for Shaanxi's technology and economic construction.

Group Photo
Shaanxi Optical Society was founded on November 5, 1980. It is a provincial, academic, public welfare and non-profit legal social organization voluntarily formed by optical science and technology workers in Shaanxi Province. It is an important social force for the party and government to develop optical science and technology in Shaanxi Province.
Huanic Corporation, the organizer of this seminar and vice chairman unit of Shaanxi Optical Society, has been committed to implementing the guiding ideology of "expanding the market with integrity, guaranteeing production with quality, and creating the future with technology" in the company's various work. Huanic strives to make great progress in the optical industry and become a leader in the optical industry.

(Written by: Wenyuan Zhou / Photography by: Wenyuan Zhou/ Reviewed by: Lei Yuan)

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