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Common problem
How to select your needed laser module ?
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How to select the right Huanic laser module you needed from the seem-complicated models? You can make the selection by categories of wavelength,beam type,divergence.output power, input voltage or by modulated/unmodulated: 
Output Wavelength:405nm、420nm、520nm、532nm、635nm、650nm、670nm、780nm、808nm、850nm、980nm;
Beam type:dot 、Line、Cross Other Specific types;
Divergence:0.1mrad-2.0mrad & >2.0mrad;
Output Power:0.1mW-200mW & >200mW;
Input Voltage:3V-DC、5V-DC, other Voltage 100-240V-AC;
Modulated / Unmodulated
You can chose your required laser module by the Model  as Fig shown below: 
Now you  must feel easy to make the select after you understand the way we are naming our model! Let's go to our product center to to chose your favourite laser module !
Please feel free to contact with us for your special modules , for we provide customized design!

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